Vassen Dreamy Green


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Vassen Contact lenses are FDA approved. Dreamy series features vibrant shades with black limbal ring for a mesmerizing effect. Available in 7 vibrant shades.

Specification +

Brand Vassen
Frequency Yearly Wear
Material PolyHema
Base Curve 8.6mm
Diameter 14.5mm
Water Content 40±2%
Lens Type Plano and Myopia only


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    Darker than expected

    First of all, these are really nice, comfortable contacts. Second, they look absolutely huge. They are very opaque dark green, even on my light eyes. Again, the green is noticable, but dark. If you want natural but enlarged green eyes, these are great. If you want bright, notcible green, don't get these. They are probably more suited to everyday wear than cosplay. I personally prefer bright "in-your-face" colors, so these are not my personal favorite. If you would like something more subtle, these are great.

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    Really nice for the most part.

    As with every other set of contacts I have ordered, I took these contacts out last night, rinsed them with solution and let them soak in solution overnight. When I put them in my eyes, they immediately adjusted to them, same as the Vassen Dreamy Red. No irritation or discomfort at all. I kept forgetting they were in my eyes. I wore them all day with no discomfort. Comfort 5/5.
    I love the design, however, the lenses themselves are a bit of a muted green.. I thought they would show up pretty well on my eyes, since they are light, however it seemed to look darker than I thought. They are great for a more natural color change and giving the illusion of larger eyes. Design 4/5.
    The lens felt really smooth and popped into my eye like a charm, took 1 or 2 blinks only to have it quickly set properly on my eye, however I would suggest that after a shower.. put some drops into your eyes before putting your contacts in. The have a nice feel as they feel thicker then clear contacts. Quality 5/5

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