Neo Queen Blue


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Brand Neo Vision
Frequency Yearly Wear
Material 2-HEMA
Base Curve 8.6mm
Diameter 14.2mm
Water Content 45%
Lens Type Plano and Myopia only


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    I love these lenses! I've been searching for natural-looking blue lenses for a very long time, and I always come back to these. I almost exclusively use NEO for comfort and size - I'm not much of a fan of 14.8mm lenses because I think they start looking kind of crazy at those sizes. :/ I can wear these all day (more than 8 hours) without feeling that they're there. The blue is noticeable enough in person and even better in pictures with flash, but it's definitely not cosplay-grade-Naruto-blue eyes. I've tried the Glamour Blue, and I prefer this. The Glamour blue looks more gray on me while this looks like a deep sapphire. Because these are a much lighter color than my normal eyes, I'd say that you need to use makeup with it.

    People have asked me before if these were my real eyes, and they always believe me when I say yes. ;D

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    1st look of the design looks very unique, I wasn't expecting the colour to come out bright but it did but not to the point that it was to unnatural looking. When I wore it these lens are thinner so I would not recommend a 1st time user to buy this because it took longer to put it on. But I wore it for full 8 hours I completely forget I had them on because it was so comfortable. People did complement me and thought it blended it well with my eye because of the 14.8mm diameter, I have natural dark brown eyes and small pupils.

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