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Neo Dali Brown features a subtle chocolate brown limbal rim that adds depth, enlarge and enhance your eyes naturally. It makes your eyes appear bigger, brighter and look more naturally beautiful.

Specification +

Brand Neo Vision
Frequency Yearly Wear
Material 2-HEMA
Base Curve 8.6mm
Diameter 14.2mm
Water Content 45%
Lens Type Plano and Myopia only


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    Neo dali was one of the first pair I ever owned. I think this is my 4th time purchasing. Before I would have rated the comfort for 5, but ever since I got astigmatism it has been a bit ''stiff'' for my left eye (I know I should get toric lenses, but they actually makes my head hurt and it's too drying). But the comfort is actually 4.5 for me now, although it took 1 week for my eyes to get used to it again. I tried Dali II but for some reason it was so uncomfortable and drying, so I always end up going back to Neo dali brown :) The only bad thing is that the vision isn't clear if you look at pc screen, I need to look really close to it (might be because of my astigmatism as well). And the dia is 14.2 but knowing my lenses, it's more like 14.4 for those with small Asian eyes like me. Otherwise I never need eyedrops and it looks natural (especiall if you have big eyes) and makes my eyes look ''naturally dolly''.

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    Hope this helps!

    Based on my experience with the product:
    Product came in cute box and contact case. No contact defects noted. The picture they provide is pretty much true to the product.
    I'm Asian and my natural eye color is a medium to dark brown. These are my first color contacts and I was looking to bring my eyes out a bit more in a natural way. The size of this contact (14.2) is slightly enlarging without it being unnatural. If I don't point it out, people don't notice at all. The contact color itself is a bit darker than my eyes, so it actually brings out my natural eyes more which I thought was great! I only wear them for a couple hours at a time and every so often so they haven't been drying or uncomfortable for me in any way as of yet. I'm sure investing in eyedrops is a plus!
    Great product overall! If you're looking for a natural vibe, this one definitely is one to consider!

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    My favorite everyday pair... on light eyes?!

    These have to be by far my FAVORITE pair of everyday lenses. They're so comfortable I feel like i'm wearing nothing, and they give my eyes the most beautiful depth. I first got these as a random free gift from HC, and I was skeptical at first because I have very light, greenish blue eyes. But then I tried them on, and WHOOSH! They're like magic! On dark eyes, they appear to be a very subtle enlarger. On light eyes, they give you limbal rings for DAYS. Light-eyed lovelies, don't count these out! It's such a striking look for me, and I get complimented on them whenever I wear them by customers at work who think they're just my eyes!!!! <- for pics of how they look on light eyes like mine!

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