Intense Light Blue


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Availability: In stock


Revo Colour Costume lenses are made by FDA approved manufacturer. It's available in a variety of fancy designs for Halloween parties and special occasions.

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Manufacturer Vassen Co., Ltd.
Frequency Half-Yearly Wear
Material Polymacon
Base Curve 8.6mm
Diameter 14.5mm
Water Content 45%
Lens Type For Plano and Myopia only


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    These contacts are wonderful. I thought that they would be a baby blue color, they are but they are BRIGHT. I'm talking almost glowing bright. I had some co workers tease me and call me Selene from "Underworld" due to the brightness.

    My natural eyes are a green and blue color. They are soft and easy to get on and off and I was able to wear them to a con from 8 am to about 3 pm before my eyes got a little bit dry. I just took them out, rinsed them with solution, and placed them back on my eyes and went till 1 am that night.

    While wearing them, I was sensitive to light, like going from inside to outside a building I had to put shades on or cover my eyes till I got used to it. You do have a very "whitish" looking tunnel vision on the outsides of your vision. I noticed it when I first put them on but over a little bit I didn't really notice or pay attention to it afterwards.

    These are not natural looking, they really do have a "glow" to them and they are one solid color that covers up the rest of your natural eye color pigments. They may startle someone who is unaware of it but still very cool, got a lot of compliments, and looks for sure.

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    The Perfect Contact!

    The contacts are bright , and I mean bright ! But they did the job that I wanted them to accomplish. I bought them for a Genocide Fem!Sans cosplay I was working on and these contacts worked miracles. Here are my ratings:

    Quality 5/5:
    The quality of these lenses are top notch and don't fall from expertly crafted. I couldn't feel them on when I first slipped them onto my eyeballs. These were my first ever colored contact lenses and they have forever made a lasting impression on me. Although, you must be aware that when you have intense contact lenses on, you will see a rim of light blue like you are looking through binoculars of some sort, but after a while you get use to it and still see perfectly fine.

    Comfort 5/5:
    As I stated above, I could barely feel them when I have them on , in fact, they feel like nothing at all ! I didn't even need to slip some eye drops into my eyes until I reached the six - seven hour mark. Just take 'em out, rinse with solution and you go back to that comfortable sensation you had for the past few hours. Though it is very normal for it to start drying out/having discomfort after six - eight hours since that is usually how long you are suppose to wear your contact lenses.

    Design 5/5:
    A perfect five out of five for me on design. I have extremely dark brown eyes and the moment I put them on, you couldn't see any trace of brown at all! Basically, they're perfect.

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